Our Providers

Matrix requires provider qualifications that go beyond what is outlined by national accreditation agencies.

We are deeply committed to imparting the best psychological services for our clients and to do so, we believe in setting a new standard for care that is unprecedented. Across the U.S. and Canada, our provider network is over 12,000 members strong. Each professional has met and continues to meet our most stringent qualifications, including:

  • Licensed & doctorally trained (PhD/PsyD)
  • Annual clinical certification
  • A minimum $1,000,000/$3,000,000 in liability coverage
  • No history with lost or settled medical malpractice litigation
  • No history with any other ethical violation

In addition, Matrix providers must complete an appropriate internship experience within the standards outlined by the American Psychological Association and/or obtain at least 10-years experience, post licensure.