Jason Jones graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work in 1995 and obtained a Master’s of Arts in Counseling Ministries from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio in 2004. Jason also began to work on his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Walden University in 2005. He is currently a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, and Licensed Social Worker. Jason has worked with teenage runaways, adult parolees and probationers, families of addicted individuals, and those suffering from addiction for the past 20 years. He has spent 10 years working at Maryhaven, a local drug and alcohol treatment center, as well as spent several years working with professionals in the healthcare field who suffer from addiction issues. Currently, he also works with an outpatient agency serving Appalachian clients with substance use issues. Jason’s counseling philosophy includes addressing the negative behaviors and thoughts that coincide with addiction and other disorders, to provide healthier options to reduce the issues in an individual’s life.

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