Executive Assessment

"The right fit begins with the right selection"

We at Matrix believe that the first step towards sustained organizational profitability begins with getting the right people into the right places within the organization. Put simply, it is all about “fit.” No matter how good of a business model you may have, if you do not have the right people steering the ship, you will inevitably find yourself in troubled waters. This is why we developed the Matrix Leadership Pre-Employment Screening Process.

What is the Matrix Leadership Pre-Employment Screening Process?

Matrix Pre-Employment Screening is a seamless selection and tracking process designed specifically for making selection decisions on executive and management-level talent. It begins with a needs assessment in which the enterprise tells us in specific terms what attributes to assess for and what their ideal candidate would look like. Supervisors and other knowledgeable position experts are then asked to go online to complete the Matrix Position Analysis Survey (MPAS), a position attribution survey that weighs numerous relevant competencies. After the MPAS is completed, the data is analyzed and a competency hierarchy is created based upon what is desired for the position. Matrix’s interview is then tailored to assess for these specific competencies. Finally, the objective psychometric assessments completed by the candidate are compiled with the interview findings and summarily compared to the Supervisor’s data from the MPAS and needs assessment. A comprehensive report is constructed by the Matrix team and delivered to the business enterprise within days of the evaluation. In addition, six-month follow-up phone calls are conducted to assess the quality of performance of the selected candidate. If desired by the enterprise, coaching services are then available on a per request basis.

What separates Matrix from the competition?

  • We are headquartered in Columbus, OH which allows a central location to serve local, regional, and national clientele.
  • We utilize a team of 3 psychologists to do our screens, yielding 3 doctorally trained perspectives
  • We are all Ph.D psychologists, so we are able to provide clinical insight into behavioral and character functioning
  • Our EAP services over the past 35+ years afford us a very solid grasp on how an executive fit can go wrong
  • Our screens are expedient, flexible to complete, and not obtrusive of anyone’s time
  • We utilize the latest technology to add convenience and speed (online assessments, videoconferencing, etc)
  • Our opinion is formulated not only on information gleaned from candidate(s) interviews, but input from supervisors/position experts at the company who define the qualities they want and don’t want for the open position
  • We don’t evaluate skills to do the job, but a candidate’s style and fit with existing culture and current leaders
  • We also offer onboarding, follow up, and developmental/coaching services as requested
  • Finally, as our clients will attest, our customer service and loyalty to the needs of those we service is second to none in the business of talent management.