Matrix psychologists are frequently asked by human resource personnel and/or a corporation’s legal counsel to perform independent psychological evaluations (IPE) in order to determine the nature, extent and primary cause of an employee/plaintiff's psychological and emotional distress, the adequacy of their psychological treatment, their “fitness” to return to work and whether they are at risk of harm to themselves or others.

Employment law issues which often require an IPE include:

  • Fitness for Duty or readiness to return to work after medical leave based on mental and emotional grounds
  • Determination of what, if any, return to work accommodations are required and their duration
  • Claims of emotional distress and mental anguish allegedly due to wrongful termination, discrimination and/or sexual harassment/hostile work environment
  • American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) eligibility and accommodations
  • Social Security disability determination
  • Bureau of Workers Compensation disability determination Risk Assessment-Suicide/Homicide

IPEs involve pre-evaluation consultation and medical/treatment and personnel records review as well as a review of all relevant and available collateral/third party documentation. The evaluation itself involves a one-two hour clinical interview and a selection of a number of psychometric instruments designed to assess mood, psychopathology, substance abuse, personality structure and cognitive/intellectual functioning.