Leadership Enhancement Services

Leadership Enhancement & Talent Development

Too often the concept of enhancement carries a negative connotation with needing help to do one’s job due to “limitations” or other fancy language to describe shortcomings. This is an unfortunate association that we at Matrix completely reject. As clinically-trained psychologists, we know too well that those who often seek assistance are the ones who are least likely to need it compared to those who never cross through our doors. This is why we at Matrix take a “strengths-based” view of leadership enhancement.

Put simply, our leadership enhancement services are designed to assist individuals with taking their “good” qualities as a leader and making them “great.” Recent research has suggested that what makes leaders indispensable to their organizations is not being good at many things, but being great at a few. Our experience with working with Fortune 500 executives has confirmed this research.

What is the Matrix Leadership Enhancement Process?

Matrix Leadership enhancement is a thorough and dynamic engagement between a single Matrix psychologist and a leader. It begins with a thorough analysis of the leaders strengths. This is typically done through a formal 360 or as an adjunct to the Matrix Complete pre-employment screening. Working with the Matrix psychologist, the leader then selects a strength to focus on that he/she is both passionate about developing and adds value to their enterprise. Next, a complementary behavior associated with the identified strength is selected to enhance. This stage of the engagement involves the actual “doing” by the leader. At this point, the Matrix psychologist works actively with the leader to practice and fine-tune the complementary skill. This final stage of the engagement involves periodic check-ins and evaluations of the degree of success with the new behaviors. Typically, a final formal assessment is conducted several months later to assess whether the addressed behaviors have been sustained.

Enhancement Steps

  • Identify strengths in leadership style
  • Choose a strength to focus on according to its value to the organization and how passionately you feel about it
  • Select a complementary behavior you would like to enhance to build your strength(s)
  • Work with your psychologist to help develop it systematically in your work environment
  • Review the success of implementing these new behaviors
  • Maintain periodic “check ins” to instill accountability and assist with any barriers to success