Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is each member of my family entitled to EAP counseling visits with a psychologist?


Each family member is entitled to free visits for each unrelated problem that comes up during a 12-month period. Call us or check with your Human Resources representative to see how many free sessions are included in your company's plan. For example, if you are feeling stressed at work, and your spouse is suffering from depression, you each are entitled to your free visits. But, if you and your spouse are having marital problems, that would only qualify you for one set of free sessions because you are both dealing with the same problem. These free sessions per problem apply during a single twelve-month period. One year after your first session, you are entitled to a new set of free sessions.

Q: Exactly what information is my employer given when I use the EAP?


Unless you give your formal written consent, the only information the company will receive is the overall number of associates who have used the program, background data such as gender, age, and type of problem, and data regarding the associate satisfaction with the program. None of this data can in any way be used to identify a particular associate. You may rely on this. Matrix absolutely guarantees your privacy!

Q: How can Matrix be sure I work here unless they call to check?


Matrix automatically receives up-to-date employee rosters on a regular basis, so that there is never any need for them to verify your employment. After many years of working with companies and their employees, Matrix is highly sensitive to your concerns over confidentiality and is careful never to violate your trust.

Q: What legal / financial services can I receive?


In the case of financial or legal concerns, employees and their families can access a free telephone consultation with a legal or financial professional, or a free 30-minute face to face consultation with an attorney and a 25% reduction in legal fees in most cases. Reduced rate will preparation is also available. For work-life and family concerns got to (link to Work and Family Benefits)

Q: Can my supervisor force me to use the EAP?


No one can force you to get help for a problem. However, if your job performance has been impaired, you might be at risk for disciplinary action. By attending the EAP and showing your supervisor that you are working on the problem, you might be able to avoid a negative performance evaluation and maybe even save your job.

Q: Which family members are covered by the EAP?


The EAP covers you, your spouse, and any dependent children anywhere in the country aged 26 or younger.

Q: Will I have to pay anything if I use the EAP?


Your allotted free visits are just that…free. There are no co-payments or deductibles. If you need further therapy beyond your free sessions, your health insurance will be billed. However, if you use the EAP, you won't have to pay anything until you have used your free sessions. Please refer to your EAP brochure for further details.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, contact Matrix and one of our EAP representatives will provide you with additional information.

If you have a question for one of our psychologists, please click the link below to send a secure message. You will receive response within one business day. Please be sure to include your first and last name and EAP employer in the email.

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