HR/Supervisor Tools

The Matrix EAP was specifically designed to address the chief concerns of supervisors and human resource representatives while providing needed care to employees.

Supervisors and human resource representatives are tasked with managing difficult situations, especially pertaining to employee performance and behavioral issues. By formally referring employees to the EAP and acquiring their written consent for release of information, supervisors can help the employee return to successful job performance and save that employee’s job.

Matrix also recognizes that discretion is a concern for patients. Much importance is placed on the protection of privacy. Patient confidentiality is a top priority with the Matrix EAP and absolutely no information about a patient’s case is reported to the employer without the employees written consent.

EAP Supervisor Training

Matrix provides 30-45 minute online training webinars to better acquaint supervisors with the process of addressing employee work or behavioral issues. There are two kinds of supervisory referrals:

  • Formal Referrals- in which an employee signs authorization for communication between the psychologist and HR or management
  • Casual referral (where the EAP is suggested without necessitating feedback).

Participants can take an exam following the webinar in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Supervisor Referral of Employees to EAP

Matrix asks that two forms be completed and signed by both the employer and employee before an appointment is made with us.

Forms can be faxed to Matrix at 614-475-9821.

Workplace Crisis Stabilization

Immediate professional crisis intervention services are available for all human resource, security and supervisory associates through our workplaces crisis stabilization program. The program is designed to reestablish structure, safety and order amidst a crisis situation, such as:

  • Robbery or attempted robbery
  • Death (suicide, murder, accidental or unexpected)
  • Kidnapping or hostage situations
  • Significant injury or illness
  • Unusual and disturbing customer interaction
  • Accidental fire or arson
  • Illegal activity such as embezzlement or theft
  • Difficult employee terminations
  • Natural disasters
We encourage employers to call us directly if any concerns or suspicions warrant an immediate, over-the-phone consultation. Our experienced psychologists will gladly provide advice related to employee/workplace issues.