Current Providers

Please complete the EAP Assessment Form at the first visit and fax or mail to Matrix. 
You may bill MATRIX monthly or after each session for the authorized EAP sessions.   Cases extending beyond the EAP may be billed under the terms of the client’s health insurance or may be referred to another therapist.
For billing purposes, our hour is based on a CPT code of 45-50 minutes. No individual date of service will be approved for longer than one hour.  Sessions should not be scheduled at intervals of less than seven days without prior written approval. Testing is typically not covered through the Employee Assistance Program however, in some cases may be approved with prior authorization.  Please contact Matrix if you have any questions about testing.
Billing can most expediently be processed if the therapist will complete the EAP Provider Reimbursement Form.  As you can see it is a very simple format.  The only other paperwork we require is the EAP Closure Summary.  Please submit the closure form after the EAP sessions have been exhausted or if treatment is completed before exhaustion of authorized sessions.
We ask that all of our providers give this Policy & Procedures statement to the client at their first visit.  I hope it will clarify issues that may come up from time to time. 
In regards to 'NO SHOWS’ and same day cancellations, please note that we do not reimburse you for missed appointments and no billing of the client is allowed for no shows or late cancels. However, you may count these appointments toward the total number of EAP visits a client is entitled to under their EAP benefit. Simply list them on your reimbursement form as (N) for “no show” or (C) for same day cancellation.  This policy of course does not apply to clients who cancel 24 hours in advance or have a satisfactory explanation for the cancellation.