In an effort to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, if you are feeling sick or exhibiting symptoms, or if you know you have been exposed to someone who is having symptoms, please call and cancel your appointment. Matrix will not be enforcing the cancellation policy at this time until further notice. If you are using EAP sessions, you will not lose a session. If you have any questions about this, please give us a call at (614) 475-9500.

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About Matrix
Employee Assistance Programs

The Matrix Employee Assistance Program exists to encourage the active resolution of personal problems that can develop into job distractions.

Columbus Psychological Services

For individuals, couples and families, our psychologists will help you to create more satisfying and productive relationships and life experiences.

* Fee for service refers to either services billed to a health plan or paid directly by the patient/responsible party.
Provider Relations
Corporate Services

Through pre-employment assessment, strength nurturing and team building programs, we assist in developing the type of leadership and group collaboration that ensures business sustainability and profitability.

To schedule an appointment or consultation-Please call Matrix at (800) 886-1171